My core values. The things that either give me butterflies in my belly or tell me, girl, heck no. These are my unshakeables.

LOYAL | I’m either all in or I’m all out. There’s no space for ambivalent feelings of any kind. People, goals, relationships – they all apply. If i’m all in, I will be steadfast, tenacious, dedicated and see it through to the very end.

CONNECTION | People. People. People. They are my inspiration and constant reminder that humanness has no limits. The positive + the negative, it’s what connects us all. I need to feel connected to people, places + ideas, and I need them to feel connected to me. If that connection exists, it sparks my loyalty like no other. I will cheer for you, believe in you + lift you up because well, I love big, always.

COURAGE | It’s all in the risk for me. No risk, no reward. I leap before thinking + sometimes it gets me in trouble but it always teaches me something. Courage always leads to opportunity.

AUTHENTICITY | I am in a perpetual state of learning + exploring my own quiet confidence. It’s a constant conversation of loving myself beyond boundaries. It’s about combining my courage, vulnerability + honesty so that I can be my truest self so that I can share that magic with others. It’s ¬†understanding that this is the person that needs to show up every single day + never conform to fit someone else’s ideals.

HONESTY | I speak from the soul. To myself and to others. If I say something, I genuinely mean it. It might sound blunt or harsh but it is never malicious or meant to jade another. It always comes right from my heart centre with the very best intentions.

DETERMINATION | Come hell or high water, if I say I’m going to do something, I do it. It might be uncomfortable, it might not be, either way, I never give in. I will pour my heart, soul, blood, sweat + tears into anything I set my heart on. I may adjust the sails along the way, but the destination is always the same.