Seawheeze 2016

Ummm who is this girl and what's with this sudden surge in writing?! Welllllll...since I wrote one of my last posts called Distance, I have been feeling like a huge weight has been lifted and just generally feeling a lot more focused. It's a good thing because it's reaffirming that I've made the right decision … Continue reading Seawheeze 2016



Well, I did it. A month ago today, I completed my first pacing experience and just like all of my other running adventures, it was magical. When I got the word in January that my huge goal crush of being a Pace Beaver for lululemon's Seawheeze was actually coming true, I was so excited I … Continue reading Grateful

Good Vibes

If you've read some of my previous posts, you know I've not only been working hard on improving my run game, but I've also been chipping away at being more positive everyday.  SSSOOOO, today I'm going to write about the things that were awesome about my run versus all the things that sucked. 1. Change … Continue reading Good Vibes