Squadspiration Feature: Amy Griffith

Amy, Amy, Amy. My little Brit with a lot of wit. I cannot believe we have been friends for only 6 years because it feels like I have known you FOR-EV-ER. I'm not sure if it's because of all the belly laughs, sarcasm, and inappropriate jokes or the memories of purple jesus, but you have … Continue reading Squadspiration Feature: Amy Griffith


Squadspiration Feature: Alyssa Bird

I first met Aly when I stumbled across her rad group, the Nous Adventure Co on Twitter. I was obviously intrigued by the group's name and I mean come on, it has the word adventure in it! Need I say more? HECK NO. After going on a little internet adventure to visit their page, I left feeling … Continue reading Squadspiration Feature: Alyssa Bird