Squadspiration Feature: Matt Oliphant

The year: 1991 The place: Mahoney Park Matt: "Hey Alex." Alex: "Ya?" Matt: "YOU THROW LIKE A GIRL!" Alex: "BECAUSE I AM ONE!" *proceeds to angrily whip baseball at Matt's head* This is hands down one of my favourite memories of my friendship with a guy I have known since I was about 4 years … Continue reading Squadspiration Feature: Matt Oliphant


Squadspiration Feature: Courtney Lundrigan

One of the best moments of 2016 for me was sharing my 1st triathlon finish with Courtney Lundrigan. While I have only gotten to know Courtney just this past year, my only regret is that we didn't become friends sooner. That being said, I'm pretty sure their isn't an expiry date on friendships and I'll … Continue reading Squadspiration Feature: Courtney Lundrigan


Growth. The process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually. I've mentioned countless times before how I have the uncanny ability to get inside my own head and ruffle my own feathers, but thinking about the process of growth really inspires me. Since confessing that I will be taking a hiatus from long distance … Continue reading Growth