Squadspiration Feature: Matt Oliphant

The year: 1991 The place: Mahoney Park Matt: "Hey Alex." Alex: "Ya?" Matt: "YOU THROW LIKE A GIRL!" Alex: "BECAUSE I AM ONE!" *proceeds to angrily whip baseball at Matt's head* This is hands down one of my favourite memories of my friendship with a guy I have known since I was about 4 years … Continue reading Squadspiration Feature: Matt Oliphant


The Struggle

Oh it's real and it's confession time again. Newsflash. Training to improve your speed game is H to the ARD, HARD. For anyone out there that thinks the 5k distance is a joke or easy peasy lemon breezy, you are RI to the DICULOUS. Say it with me, ridiculous! I can remember days where running … Continue reading The Struggle