Word of the Year

So we’re 9 days into the new year and everyone is feelin’ fly + focused. I’ve been jotting down some words of gratitude everyday in a journal, and am generally feeling inspired by all the enthusiasm around me, but I’ve also been working on developing my own 2017 plans.

For anyone that knows me, I am the queen of flying by the seat of her pants, and I am good at it, but it’s no surprise that I also like feeling like my life has purpose.

I recently read an article that was shared by @thebodybook called , “We Need You: How to Figure Out Your Place in the World” by Sara Kravitz and was immediately intrigued by what it had to say. The article highlights exactly just that, but what drew me to it was this quote:

πŸ“·: @thebodybook


I can hear my friend Jenny laughing right now as she remembers the time I visited her on a chaotic work day declaring how badly I felt like I didn’t have my ‘shit’ together. She later described it as a moment where time stood still because she was so shocked that those words flew outta my mouth, but the truth is, that’s exactly how I felt, and still do.

Much like how I’ve always felt and continually feel like I don’t ‘fit in’, I also constantly feel like I don’t have my shit together. So when reading Sara’s article, I felt like it was speaking straight to my soul.

The part that stuck out most to me was her suggestion to follow your jealousy. I have never considered myself a jealous person and for the exact reason she outlines; that we are taught that jealousy is a bad thing – ” a sin even”. But when looking at it from her perspective, it makes total sense to put a positive spin on it when pursuing your place in the world. So, that being said, I did exactly that. I looked at the people I am jealous of for having their shit together and I asked myself why.

For EVERY SINGLE person I looked at, it was hands down their confidence. The confidence they have to chase down what they want in this life because they believe they deserve it without question. That’s the kind of confidence I want for myself and to get me to where I want to be in this world – wherever that may be. So, after peeling away another layer in my ever evolving journey of self-discovery, my word for 2017 is CONFIDENCE. May I live it, may I breathe it and dare I say, may I be it.

Until next time.

Yours swiftly,

Alex βœŒπŸΌπŸ’œ


4 thoughts on “Word of the Year

    • audaciouslyalex says:

      Right? I was thinking how crazy it sounded but it makes sense. Also I should say it’s not the people I am jealous of, it’s their ability to pursue what makes them happy in life. As always, thanks for the love Cathy πŸ’œ

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