Squadspiration Feature: Chanel Fall

Sometimes social media is an awesome place. The universe brought Chanel into my life via Instagram about 3 years ago when we fell in love with each other’s outdoor adventures. Did someone say hiking? It was only later that we both realized we were also runners. It must have been the winter running photos with our frozen eyelashes that sealed the deal because we have been virtually + personally high fiving each other ever since.

Chanel is another person in my life who makes it impossible not to be happy around her. She is ALWAYS smiling and it’s contagious.

She loves animals, adventuring, and the outdoors so really she is basically my sista from another mista!

Chanel, thank you for always being such a ball of positivity. Even from the very beginning before we met in real life, you had nothing but good vibes to share and it only got better once we met. Sitting down and talking about the places we want to see and the things we want to do over coffee is something I really cherish. Your finish line hugs are pretty awesome too! This is just a big thank you for you always being you and for everyone to know what a truly rad girl you are. Sending you some serious love bombs right now.

If you want follow Chanel’s outdoor adventures or get a little runspiration, you can find her on instagram under her handle @chanelfall.

1. Who are you?

Northern Ontarian runner, triathlete, adventurer and outdoor/winter enthusiast, who’d rather be absolutely dead-beat exhausted than bored.

2. Who/what inspires you?

I sound like a typical Canadian by saying Terry Fox, but I remember how excited my late grandfather got, and how his eyes lit up when he told us about seeing Terry run through Sault Ste. Marie in 1980. He was someone who just wanted to make a difference in others lives, someone who was so selfless. I’m constantly inspired by others overcoming obstacles, so much so that I get super emotional haha.

3. What goal are you working on crushing?

After pacing my friend for the Toronto Waterfront 10k, I’ve decided I’d love to pace a big race or half marathon at some point in the future! Getting someone across the finish line under their goal time is so much more fulfilling to me right now than beating my best; I’ve taken so much from running and it feels good to give back 💜.

I am dying to race a 70.3 triathlon, as well as run a sub 4hr marathon. These are all long term goals though; short term goals right now involve running for fun and enjoying my summer!

4. How did you get into running?

I tried running in high school, and university and it never stuck. My first year of college I watched my 56 year old mother finish her fist half marathon, and I have never been so proud! My dad had always been a runner, as well as my fiancé, so I felt like it was finally time to stick with it. And here I am now!

5. What is your favourite outdoor activity?

This is a terrible question for me! Growing up in Sault Ste. Marie on Lake Superior, the only place I know is outside. My summers involve running, camping, hiking, swimming, cycling, kayaking and anything else you can throw at me. Winter however, winter steals my heart. As soon as the first snowflake is on the ground, my snowboard, snowshoes, XC skis, and skates almost magically appear, and then I’m gone for the next 4 months. If you want to see me over the winter, you’d better bring goggles and warm mitts because you’ll find me in the bush or on a hill!

6. Do you listen to music when you run?

I’m not too big on listening to music while running, not sure why, I’ve just never really gotten into it. If I do though, my go-to song is the cover of Adele’s “Skyfall” by Our Last Night. I also always have City and Colour, Wintersleep, Alexisonfire and The Devil Wears Prada on my go-to playlist should I decide I want it!

7. What’s your favourite place to adventure to?

Picking one is again impossible! Speaking in close-by terms, my family’s camp (it’s basically a cottage/Northern Ontario thing) it’s down the street from my parents’ house, and I will be there on a daily basis to take advantage of the summer! But my dad is from Vancouver Island, and there is a very large soft spot in my heart for the Island. But, realistically, any mountain or lake or lookout will do for me.

8. What’s your biggest accomplishment?

Last fall I ran my first marathon! I’d say for a personal accomplishment as of now that’s my biggest. My fiancé and I are however in the process of building a house, so I think once that’s done it may trump the marathon. Then again, I think finishing a 70.3 will someday take 1st place 😉

9. What’s your favourite inspirational quote?

“Embrace the detours” is my current favourite. I think it speaks for itself!

10. What’s on your bucket list?

I’m not sure I’ve never sat down and written or thought about an actual bucket list. I just recently booked a trip to Iceland in the fall, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time! Skydiving is up there, but I think a top “bucket list” item would be to visit as many countries as I possibly can! 



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