Be Bold

My mind has been spinning over the last few months thinking about my letter to lululemon, as well as some conversations about this very blog with people I’ve reconnected with. I was basically going on and on about why I started writing (you can find my very first post here), and in that moment I realized that this itty bitty blog – no matter how many people read it – has really evolved into something more than that for me. It has transformed from a space documenting my uncertainty to sharing inspiration; a place for me to write boldly about my dreams and ambitions. Soooooo, just like everything else I take my sweet time doing, I decided it was time for a name change.

Say hello to the new home of audaciouslyalex!

Now, I have to admit and pay respects to my old sneakerdrive name because it has served me well since I started this journey a few years ago, but I also needed to recognize that I have grown, and that my friends, is what really sparked this decision.

I am no longer the girl who simply owns sneakers and the will to try. I am a risk taker, a woman who is more confident than she’s ever been, and who knows that she is hella capable of any wild adventure she sets her mind to. All things that I think resonate pretty magically with the word audacious.

Don’t worry though, my sneaker addiction is still strong and fiercely making my husband’s eyes roll because apparently there is such a thing as owning one too many running shoes. PPPFFFTTT! I delightfully disagree with the fire of a thousand suns. Hey hoobs, say hello to my new besties:



Juuuuuuuuuust kidding!


Yours swiftly 💜,



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