Dear 2015

Partially motivated by one of my best friends telling me it was time to write and partially motivated by my own need to write, I am stitching together this blog post today.

I’ve been silent on the blog front for a few months now. To be honest, I haven’t felt like writing, and I’ve been nursing a knee injury. So needless to say, I’ve been resting and healing. However, since we are on the cusp of a brand new year ahead, I thought what better way to get back to writing then taking a walk through the year that was 2015.

Oh 2015, it’s hard to believe it’s your last day with us. You my friend were filled with some pretty amazing things, some pretty awesome adventures, and a lot of self-discovery. All around, you were a heck of a year.

You gifted me with completing my first 30km race, which I have to admit is probably my biggest accomplishment ever. You also gave me the opportunity to share my love of running with an incredible community when I got the call to be a pace beaver for Seawheeze – something I never dreamed was possible for me. You taught me how important it is to dream big because sometimes, just sometimes, big dreams do come true.

These last few months have been difficult. It’s been hard for me to take a backseat view but just like many of my posts in 2015, it has forced me to dig deep – to better understand myself. What do I know for sure? I know that I am 100% a better person when I am running. It calms me, it humbles me, and best of all, it constantly surprises me.

I won’t lie, I am nervous to get back at it again. I am scared I won’t measure up, but knowing what I know, I know that this isn’t true. I can conquer anything if I truly want to, and this? This is an opportunity to get stronger, and with that being said, here are my intentions for 2016:

  • Stop worrying so much about what others do and think. Reminder: it’s not my business anyway.
  • Selflessness – no buying any clothes for myself unless they are for tri training or race related items.
  • Continue working on my yoga practice and maybe even incorporate more posts about it.
  • Complete my first sprint triathlon.
  • Take hip hop!
  • Write more.

Dear 2015: thank you.

Dear 2016: I’m ready for you.

Yours swiftly & Happy New Year!

Alex 💜


3 thoughts on “Dear 2015

  1. vegetariandoctor says:

    I discovered running this year. I never thought I would love it so much. Like you, I’m nursing and achilles tendon strain, I’m scheaduled to make my comeback to running this saturday and I’m nervous but I know I will be fine! I hope you can get back at it soon!

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