Judgement.  We all hate it, yet we all do it.  Why?  We may not think we do it, but we totally do.  You can’t go a day without reading or hearing someone’s opinion on everything from celebrities, to family members or friends, and in my case, upcoming races.  Taylor Swift poses on a blow-up swan with Calvin Harris to signify they are a couple – ADORBS, a friend on Facebook announces to the world that they really want another friend to stop ruining their life by spreading rumours – AGGRESSIVE, and then there’s the ferry debacle of the Nike Womens 15k race (yes it sucks to have to wake up early, but we all do it for the love of the run, or at least I hope we do).  The point is, we’ve all got our own beefs.

If you’ve been an avid reader of my writing for a while, you know my beef has been my own insecurities with weight.  That I am not a size 2, but am journeying down a road to accepting that I’m okay with that, but that comment alone is a “judgy” one. “I’m not a size 2.” As if being a size 2 is something a size 2 woman should be ashamed of.  Ashamed for making the rest of us feel bad about our bodies that are clearly not a size 2.  NO.  UH UH. THIS HAS TO STOP.  We need to embrace and celebrate every body for what it is – the amazing machine that we wake up with every morning, that protects us from millions of germs, and rises to the occasion every time we decide to push it to its limits EVERY SINGLE DAY.

When I first started running, I was always so worried about what people would say or think seeing a 276lb girl pounding the pavement.  I quickly learned that most people don’t care, that random fellow athletes will give you mad props or encourage you, and that a few small minded people will snicker, but only until they see how truly badass you are as you smile and wave at them.

We judge because we think we have the right to, because we think we know, but we don’t.  There is that famous saying that states, “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, so be kind. Always.”. I cannot think of a truer statement. Even the most openly confident, positive and well put-together people have their struggles.  We have no right to judge their character, their body, or their state of being, and we certainly shouldn’t do it because we feel judged or misrepresented by them.

I am sure that some reading this post may find it judgmental in nature, but that is not my intent.  It is merely a reminder to myself that I too need to step back and evaluate my own responses and reactions to things because I know that I want to be known for choosing love and kindness (even if it means I don’t get it in return).  I want to be known for facing adversity with a smile on my face.  I want to be known for being happy – the best possible version of me. I want to be known as the person that if someone should speak a bad word about me, no one would believe it. I think the people who truly know and love me know this to be true.  More importantly, I believe it to be true.

I have said and wrote these words so many times before (partly to make myself believe them), but the ONLY opinion that matters is YOURS.  You cannot control others, and more importantly, others cannot control you.  I have to remind myself of this EVERY DAMN DAY. So stay positive peeps.  Stay strong.  Be confident. Believe in yourself and shell out mad smiles to everyone you meet because you never know who you’re inspiring, or who’s day your making.

Yours swiftly,



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