Good Vibes

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know I’ve not only been working hard on improving my run game, but I’ve also been chipping away at being more positive everyday.  SSSOOOO, today I’m going to write about the things that were awesome about my run versus all the things that sucked.

1. Change of Scenery

Today I trekked out to Toronto to run with the Tribe and Lululemon Queen West for their weekly Seawheeze tempo run. As a runner, a change of route is always refreshing. There are new things to see and in my case new things to smell as I nearly tossed my cookies on Spadina while sniffing the lovely mixed aromas of food and garbage :D! I’m sure my facial expressions were nothing shy of hilarious!

2. Product Testing

Huge shout out and thanks to the crew at Lululemon for asking me to test out their Race to Place hat prior to the group run.  Not only did it stay in place and act as an awesome sweat soaker upper, you asking me to try it out made me feel like a rockstar! Thanks peeps!

3. New Faces

I met new people. While I am not shy to admit that I am a lone wolf runner, and am usually hesitant to run with others – mostly because I am so much slower – it was really nice to meet, high five and cheer on some other fellow runners. Cheering others on is my jam!

4. Good Vibes

The run felt good. It felt good to get back to something I love. It felt good to feel my alter ego Alex McGrumpypants take a back seat, and it feels good to focus on the positive things right now.

One of the things that sparked this post was something I said in response to a friend’s conversation. My words were short but also negative and I don’t want that to be me because that is not who I am. So to that friend, know I am choosing positive vibes.

One more thing before I drop the mic on this post. If you are looking to learn to run or take part in a group run but are scared for whatever reason plagues you, I encourage you to come out to a run with Tribe and Lululemon Queen West. As the official “back of the pack” pace beaver for Lululemon’s Seawheeze half marathon, I promise you that you will not be left behind, and I could also use some company! Thursdays. 6:15pm. GET AFTER IT.

Yours swiftly ❤️,



4 thoughts on “Good Vibes

    • sneakerdrive says:

      That’s awesome Andrea! It’s such a fun group and such a fun race! If you want to find out about more runs/meet more runners, Tribe Fitness is a fantastic crew. They have runners of all levels and abilities and are amazing cheerleaders of every runner. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 🙂 Aaahhh! I’m so glad I wrote this post and so glad you’re wanting to come out!

    • sneakerdrive says:

      Thank you very much Jen! This was a nice surprise to wake up to, and I think your blog is equally lovely and inspiring! With love from your tree hugging Canadian twin 🙂

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