Oh Hi

Oh hey.  Hey there peeps.  It’s just me, Alex the girl who randomly writes this blog when she feels like it, loves oreo cookies, is super nerdy, and tries to love herself everyday.  You probably thought I went missing.  NOPE.  Still here, still running…err…I mean still trying to run.

Ya, about that.  I decided to take a 3 week hiatus from running to rest up a bit (because rest is good – who knew?) and get my shit together.  Current side convo happening right now, “Will I ever have my shit together? Oh hey remember that time your friend Jenny V laughed at you and said, ‘OH MY GOD ALEX! YOU DON’T THINK YOU HAVE YOUR SHIT TOGETHER?!?!’ That was hilarious!” But yes.  Yes I do, except for running.  So here’s to getting my shit together to run a 15k race in 3 weeks.

The good news = I have done this before.

The bad news = I am running 15k in 3 weeks.

Stay tuned.

Yours swiftly,


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