I’ve been busy. Not like the kind of busy people glorify way too much, but the kind that should be glorified – the kind that has you living in the moment and collecting memories.

Goals and plans are awesome, and with the new year finally here, I obviously have some of my own, BUT, I just want to take a minute to reflect on how ah-mazing it feels to embrace spontaneity.

While the holidays filled my heart to the brim with love, visiting, and a little bit of this (swoon):


My adventurous soul was also fed with an impetuous trip to New York City – a trip that was literally planned in 12 hours and saw us standing outside the New York Times building on 8th Ave 24 hours later.

These are the kind of adventures I love most.  They are the moments where you don’t have time to think, but just DO, which makes them my absolute FAVE. For the organized planner, you are probably asking yourself why? I’ll gladly tell you. Because as much as I enjoy planning, setting goals, and working towards them, the reality is, I am my TRUEST self when I am living in the moment.  Mark my words, there is NOTHING more freeing that just packing up a bag, hitting the road, and taking off for a few days of exploring – even if it is a concrete jungle.



I’d been to NYC twice before, but nothing quite compares to the magic of the city during the holidays as every corner beautifully glitters with Christmas lights and gives Paris a run for its money for the “city of lights” title. However, I’m not quite sure if it was all the decorations that made this trip so enchanting and worth the very little sleep we got in the city that never sleeps. When I look back at it, my favourite parts of this trip weren’t places, but moments.

There was the flash mob dancing to Mariah Carey Christmas carols, which eventually transformed into a planned engagement for one lucky lady just outside of the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. A moment that provided joy not only to the newly engaged couple, but to the massive crowd surrounding them. A few moments later, the joy continued as we stumbled upon our 2nd engagement on the Bow Bridge – a bridge that has a history of being famous for love, and while 2 engagements seemed like a lot to experience in the span of 20 minutes, we then found ourselves as witnesses to one of the simplest, yet most beautiful weddings under one of Central Park’s bridges. A bride, a groom, an officiant, a photographer, and spectators. So simple, yet so magical. The best part is that this ultimate lovefest of romance wasn’t over. As if stumbling upon 2 engagements and a wedding wasn’t enough, yup, an hour or so later, right in front of the infamous Rockefeller Christmas Tree, we experienced our 3rd engagement. Not only is NYC threatening to take Paris on for the “city of lights” moniker, it’s also trying to steal the “city of love” from them too. Mission accomplished (in my humble opinion).



It’s easy to get caught up in the city’s hustle and bustle. It’s a whirring feeling of electricity that just can’t be ignored, but it’s just as easy to be carried away by the surprising moments that unravel right in front of us, and as serious as my love for the Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park is, so much so that they are my forever favourites, the magic of being a part of those special moments, even if only as a bystander, will be moments I will always remember; although I’m willing to admit that the delicious pizza I ate at Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn was also top notch as always.


I suppose you could say that this trip in and of itself was a moment. A spur of the moment gift from an equally adventurous husband, and while it was a present, it actually gifted us both with presence. The kind of presence I have made a part of my 2015 goals. To live more in the moment. To appreciate the moment, and to embrace the moments as they happen – and yes that means less time with electronic devices and more time with this guy – adventuring.


Yours swiftly,



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