Call it Kismet

I remember when I first read one of my favourite books, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, and the wonderment I felt when I read about what he calls “The Personal Legend”.


For those that have not yet read the book (GO. DO IT NOW.), the personal legend is described as, “…what you have always wanted to accomplish. Everyone when they are young knows what their personal legend is.” So, what does this philosophical walk down memory lane mean anyway? Basically, I have been feeling quite connected with my own personal legend lately. No, I haven’t decided to venture back into my childhood and explore my dreams of becoming a doctor or astronaut, but I realize now more than ever that this soul was meant to help and inspire people (except I haven’t always known how to).

My first memory of this innate quality literally goes back to my childhood. Cue a drive home with my mom in one of those blistery, cold, white out inducing, epic Canadian snowstorms (honourable shout out to Buffalo, they so understand this right now).  I was probably five or so at the time, and as I peered up at my mom, my little voice asked her where all the homeless people were going to sleep that night. Not to toot my own horn here, but bless my little heart of hearts. Always wanting to save the world. Apparently that’s a possible quality for someone whose name actually means “the defender of men”…weird.

Anyway, fast forward to today, and that heart or hearts still beats strongly to help and inspire others. I may not always devote as much of myself as I would like to, but I give what I can, where I can, and more importantly, I am realizing everyday the new ways I can help with a little, err, ok, A LOT of guidance from the universe.

Running has gifted me with a lot of things, but the most important was the realization that before I can help others, I must first help myself, and find that fire of confidence within me. In essence, running has gifted me with my most authentic self. I have learned to be unapologetically me. Heck, I’ve even broken some unspoken Canadian law and stopped over-using the word “sorry” so much. Has it been hard?  Absolutely – but I remember when I first started running, when I first began to experience the emotional changes and the development of my relationship with running, that I couldn’t help but want to share all of that with the world.  To share that inspiration and give help to others.  That if I could do this, anyone truly could. Little did I know, the universe was listening.

Everything in the universe was conspiring to help me reach my goals.  Even the ones that I didn’t even know about yet. From the minute I signed up to run my first half marathon, lululemon’s Seawheeze, the journey became magical. I was surrounded by an incredible group of supportive and encouraging people.  Some of those people, I would consider experts. I won a free entry to participate in my first ever 10k race. When I wanted to quit, and believe me I did, random strangers would stop me during my runs explicitly telling me to never give up, without me even saying a word. If that wasn’t the universe guiding me, I don’t know what is.

Everything I asked for, the universe provided me, and guess what? It’s done it again, and this time, it’s the best gift of all. It’s really outdone itself this time – to the point I should probably buy a lottery ticket because this time, the universe combined my love of helping and inspiring others with my love of running. Say hello to the newest pace beaver for lululemon’s Seawheeze! I’m going to get to help a bunch of rad runners reach their time goal for crossing the 2015 Seawheeze finish in a sea of high fives and smiles! In case you’ve missed the social cues in my writing, this is uber, super amazingly, awesome!

I have been wanting to tell ya’ll this since I found out, but needed some time to process it. After 10 days of sitting with this exciting news, I am still in shock, I am still in awe, I am still having mini dance parties, and I am still forever grateful for this AH-MAZING opportunity. Thank you to Robbie T at lululemon and Seawheeze for making this goal come true by choosing me. I cannot wait to share my energy with the group and meet all of you! Thank you to one of the awesome girls who always cheers for me or pushes me into realizing life changing decisions aren’t that scary, Heather G, and thank you universe, you truly wonderful soul you, for always gifting me with buckets of inspiration.

Ge ready for round two Vancouver – I’m coming for ya!


Yours swiftly,



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