Big News

imageI’m still old school sometimes and write my blog posts on paper first and then type them out on here.  I guess you can say it’s just part of my nerdy fabric.  Anyway, today, I have a few pieces of big news to share!

This past weekend, I ran in Hamilton’s Road2Hope 10k race and am SUPER excited to share that not only did I achieve my goal of running the entire 10k without stopping, BUT, I also managed to snag a personal best by shaving 3 minutes off my previous 10k time. AYO! Insert the happiest of dances here. As you can tell, I am thrilled to write these words, mostly because I never imagined myself writing, or saying, “I just ran 10k straight!” Yet here I am, surprised.

I keep asking myself why I’m so surprised.  I guess a part of me still doesn’t believe I can accomplish the things I put my mind to.  With that being said, say hello to my new goal:

atbYUP.  I officially registered last night.  Let the games begin…I mean training.  Let the training begin.

Just kidding. #crappingmypants

Yours swiftly,



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