So it’s been crazy busy up in this thing I call life. I’m not really a fan of the glorification of ‘busy’ but I’ve been working so much that I feel like I’ve forgotten what it’s like to relax. I’ve worked the last 3 weekends in a row and when I finally decided to take this past Monday off, I slept until 1:30pm. 1:30PM!!! I haven’t slept like this since I was sick with mono as a teen, but my lord did it feel good. The moral of this short story is that rest is good. It restores, recharges, and regenerates us. Especially for us runners.

I took the first 2 weeks off of September and did nothing but swim twice a week to stay active. Initially, I was nervous that I would lose all of my hard earned work from taking this said break, but the truth is, it gave me time to appreciate the journey that the preparation for my first half marathon took me on, and also gave me some time to set some future goals in the sport. Who am I kidding? I’m in this FOR LIFE, but the most exciting news that I want to share with you is that I will be taking on the challenge of my first triathlon next summer! WHOA!?! Wait a second. Did I just actually say that? YUP. Sure did! Never in a million, zillion, gajillion years did I ever think I would think those words, let alone type them, but hey, I have a not so secret secret weapon – I believe I can do it. Before we get too crazy though, I have plans to continue to develop my running further by running a few races over the winter months that include a 5k, 10k, 16k, and, WAIT FOR IT, another half marathon in March! Here’s to hoping I gain some more speed.


So, just when you all thought the journey was over and there’d be nothing left to share, I drop this on you. Here’s what I have to say to that. GOOD. Writing to you has kept me accountable and if I want these dreams to come true, I’m going to continue sharing my stories, good or bad, because not only does it make me feel good, I know it makes some of you feel good too, and it motivates me that much more knowing that!

Special message for one of my besties Jenno: my big heart has a pretty big thanks for you offering me your racing bike while you’re in the desert. Oh, AND, the COOLEST kids run, bike, AND swim. Just sayin’. Much love for you always xoxoxo!

Yours swiftly,



3 thoughts on “Heyo!

  1. Nola Plumb says:

    Hello there dear Daughter!! Love you, Mom p.s.: 1st time that I’VE HAVE EVER seen you have a spelling mistake in my life!!!! (and you know it’s not a joke J ……. ) enjoy your day ….. another beautiful one!!

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