Lubing it Up

I can hear the extreme laughter and giggling already. Yup, I said it. Lubing it up. It’s my new jam, and as hard as it is to believe that I’m NOT making a sexual reference, or dirty joke, it’s actually true. When I say “lubing it up”, I’m referring to the new phase of running I’ve entered.

Imagine a piece of sandpaper repeatedly doing it’s job. Stripping. I know, I know. I’m walking a slippery slope here, but really guys, I’m totally talking about my latest running wounds. I’m not really sure when my body turned into a large piece of sandpaper, but somehow, someway, it has. With this heat, and my long hours out on the road, my arms, my feet, and yup, my unmentionables have become victim to what I’m now calling RUNBURN.


Runburn is a mischievous little devil. You sort of feel its uncomfortable ways while you’re running, but the real pain ensues once you know, you are comfortable and relaxing at home. It creeps up on you like a ninja. The ninja of fire. I sustained a very small version of this a few months ago, but only recently succumbed to the full version of it on Sunday. Of course once it happened it resulted in a coach’s corner conversation about how to prevent it during future runs. Cue the lube, except I’m not really using lube, I’m using Vaseline body lotion. Nevertheless, resorting back to my dirty mind, I couldn’t resist but refering to it as “lubing it up”…and there you have it, a whole new adventure with lube you never thought was possible. You’re welcome!


Yours swiftly,



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