Times Like These

photo 1(1)For as long as I can remember, I have always felt most at home in the great outdoors or when I am traveling out of a backpack.  I have always loved the feeling of being carefree with the beauty of nature beneath my feet and all around me.  My grandmother often used to call me a gypsy when I was a child, which is still one of my fondest memories of her to this day.

photo 2(1)Today I was reminded of that as I wandered amongst the quiet beauty of one of my favourite places in the entire world – Algonquin Park.  Not only is it one of my favourite places, but it just so happens to be my dog Tag’s MOST favourite place, and seeing as we’re soaking up every precious moment we have left with him, it just seemed natural to take him somewhere he loves so much.  My husband and I were both apprehensive about whether this was a good decision or not, but in typical Tag fashion, he surprised us.  The park brought out the puppy in him and I haven’t seen him this full of life or happiness in months.  From trotting to exploring, Tag was nothing less than the amazing dog he’s always been.  It is because of this that my love for Algonquin deepened today.


photo 5There is something just so raw and natural about being amongst a sea of pine trees, whisky rapids, and rock that is as old as the earth itself.  You can’t help but feel connected to everything around you, and you can’t fail in appreciating all the flawless, breathtaking beauty surrounding you.  Even when it’s pouring rain, it brings out the best in you.  It grounds you and reminds you of who you are and how all living things are interconnected.  I know, I sound like I am a character from Fern Gully or Avatar, but I can’t help myself.  It’s the truth.

It’s times like these that remind me to live in the moment.  Seeing my dog’s true greatness also reminded me of that, and in the middle of all this natural elegance, I found myself thinking about all of the things we can learn from our most loyal of friends – our dogs.  No matter their troubles, they are always happy.  No matter the person, they never judge.  A rainy walk in the woods is just as awesome as a sunny walk in the woods.  One of life’s greatest pleasures is a cool breeze on your face.  They appreciate the little things, and most importantly, they love unconditionally.

photo(3)IMG_3440Today really humbled me.  I felt truly grateful for all the experiences I’ve had in this life.  The good and the bad, but most of all, it was exactly what I needed.

IMG_3442IMG_3471Until the next adventure, yours swiftly,



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