So running just isn’t about running or training, it’s also about eating.  As someone who would like to drop anywhere between 40-60lbs before #Seawheeze, I feel like it is an impossible feat basically because I am hungry ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY.  In fact, some of you may be familiar with the term I am about to reference.  It’s called “hangry”.  I’d take the time to explain it to you, but here is the official definition:


Basically since I am always hungry from training 5 days a week, and I obviously can’t eat constantly, there are several times I find myself in what I like to call a state of “hangriness”.  I apologize now in advance to my victims, but really, it’s not me communicating with you, it’s the beast in my belly. 

I am sure some of you have experienced this.  I mean, I feel like it’s part of our genetic make-up.  It’s happened to so many people, that they’ve created a word for it!  If you’ve experienced it then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  You basically feel like you’ll commit a murderous rampage in your quest for something, ANYTHING, delicious.

The reason I am bringing this up today, aside from my state of constant hunger (I can totally smell dinner being cooked right now, which is only making it worse), is that on top of all this hungriness, I totally just want to eat an exorbitant amount of chocolate.  Like chocolate for days CHOCOLATE.  This is next level hangriness, because I mean really, I can’t eat a ton of chocolate, but what I can do is listen to the advice of Parks and Rec’s Donna.

Wish me luck, because at this point, trying to avoid eating a huge amount of chocolate is harder than going for a 10km run.  Not sure if that’s a win or not.

Yours swiftly,



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