Feeling Lucky

Well it’s been two weeks since I last wrote, and remember that whole conversation about leaving my fate of running up to the universe?  Ya…here’s the thing, the universe totally conspired to give this dreamer a chance – a chance to run her FIRST HALF MARATHON!  Yup, that’s right, I got a spot to run the #Seawheeze!


I can’t even believe I just typed that, and I’ve been living with this news for the past 10 days already.   As expected, the race sold out in record time (less than an hour) so needless to say, I feel pretty darn lucky to have snagged a spot.  In fact, I am highly considering buying a lottery ticket in hopes that the same affect happens, however, there is that wise saying, “don’t push your luck” to consider.

As I sit here still bewildered by my streak of luck, it’s essentially that luck, that is fueling my motivation.  That luck has given me perspective, and I can’t help but feel motivated.  I find myself thinking that there are thousands of others who wish they were able to run this race, and yet here I am with the chance to actually do it.  When you are given a gift like this, you definitely don’t waste it, so I am putting my heart, mind, body, and soul into preparing myself for this amazing opportunity I have at my feet.

Yours swiftly,



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