Write more blog posts.  There, I said the obvious since I’ve neglected writing for well over a month.  Seriously though, I’m typically not a fan of new year resolutions, partly because many of us are terrible at seeing them through.  Yup, I totally passed judgment on that one.  The good news is, I can put a check next to the most common resolution of, “live a healthier life” because I’ve been doing it since May of 2013.  How hipster and self-validating of me.  Anyway, enough of this phoney bologna.

As I already mentioned, I typically don’t make new year resolutions, but this year I sort of did.  I can now put a check mark next to “Alex is a hypocrite” too.  I vowed to not let our laundry pile up in this apartment because when we do, it’s a serious financial investment at the laundromat to get it all clean versus the $3 it costs to wash it at home.  Granted, this has NOTHING to do with running, but if you stick around a little longer, you’ll see the connection.  For example, running more = more stinky laundry.  This wasn’t my point.  My point is that I’ve made some resolutions strictly reserved for running in 2014.

1. Enjoy it.  Even the first 3km’s where I explicitly hate it.

2. Try yoga.  Yup.  I can’t even believe I said it.

3. Embrace tempo runs.  For the record, they’re the worst, but make you stronger.

4. Remember not to sell myself short.  Just because I’m slow, doesn’t mean I’m not a runner.

5. Stay committed.

I know these may seem like things I already do, or have written about, but I assure you, they are not, especially number five.  As you may remember, I had a bit of a delay when I got a chest infection back in November.  While I’ve been training ever since, I’ve also acquired another terrible infection over the last week, and while it thankfully hasn’t nestled into my lungs, it’s still affecting my sinuses.  Pardon the language, but when shit like this happens, it makes it really effing hard to stay committed.  With that being said, the last month has also yielded a lot of great successes.  I’ve officially moved out of the slow lane and into the medium lane at swimming.  Big thanks to the kind lady who pointed out that I was lapping her.  You made my day.  I also managed to run 7km in about an hour last weekend.  Not to brag, but I’m totally going to because I’m proud of myself, I did this while being sick and in the frigid cold to boot.  No big deal.

Anyway, my next race is in a little over 2 weeks.  It’s an 8k, and I am hoping that I am not the last one to cross the finish line, but remembering my resolutions that I JUST typed out, it doesn’t really matter if I am.  What matters is that I stay the course and finish.  Thanks again for listening to my crazy rantings, and here’s to all of us working to keep our resolutions, whatever they may be.

Yours swiftly,



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