Back in the Saddle Again

The long awaited day has come.  My body has freed itself from the grips of the evil plague and I’m back into training mode.  HUGE DEAL.  HUGE!  And I have to say that it feels pretty gosh darn fantastic!  Also, I feel like I’ve failed to mention that I actually have a training schedule to follow.  This involves a combination of swimming and weight training twice a week as well as three different types of runs (tempos, hills, and the good ol’ classic long run). 

I was gifted with the morning off work today due to an evening meeting which meant I had some free time to devote to getting back into training mode.  Today’s activity was swimming.  For those who know me, you may or may not remember that in my youth I was quite the avid competitive swimmer which later turned into a job as I became a lifeguard/instructor during my teenage years.  So needless to say, swimming seemed like the safest bet today as I wasn’t 100% sure how my lungs would pan out given the plague I just endured.  Plus, I’ve ALWAYS thought I’ve been a much better and much faster swimmer than runner, hands down.  The truth is, I completely forgot how hard swimming actually is.  The technique is still there for me after years and years of racing, but HOLY EFFING EFF BALLS, the endurance is a whole other ball game.  So much so, that for the first time EVER, I actually felt like a runner today and that someone needs to call Mythbusters because my mind is still blown.

Let me break this down for you, because really, when I did the math, it shocked me too.  Remember that time I said I was a slow runner?  This is still true, but holy hell, I am an even slower swimmer.  In 30 minutes time, I can run over 3km’s.  In 30 minutes time, I can swim just under 1km.  YUP.  You read that right.  Unbelievable, except this is true for most athletes.  I actually read today that even the most svelte of  athletes can only swim 4.5km/h (super jelly right now).  When I broke it down for my own swim today, I basically swam 25m in 35 seconds (give or take) which isn’t half bad for my first time back doing laps in 5 years.

Much like most encounters on this journey of mine, today also gifted me with learning new things about myself.  I’d like to think that old Alex would have been scared to go for a swim today.  Granted, I did text my husband and ask him to wish me luck, but the decision to go was already made (my bag was also packed and I had my car keys in hand *wink*). A decision I probably would have pushed off before.  I’ve always been an advocate of the idea that “showing up” is the hardest part of any physical activity whether it be going to the gym, running, organized sports, or yes, even yoga.  It takes guts to commit, and KEEP committing every single time.  So instead of sitting here and writing that I learned to not doubt myself, which I’ve done in several of my past posts, I want to recognize that I have grown and can pat myself on the back today because after a two week hiatus, I didn’t cower in fear over going for a swim.  Tomorrow’s run is another story.  JUST KIDDING!  Until next time ladies and gents.  Have an amazing night!

Yours swiftly,


PS – My swim would have been epic if my mom actually brought Nutella (maybe she will one day, right ma?)



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