Down for the Count

The last week has been pretty pooey purely because of the chest infection I am STILL battling. That’s right ladies and gents, this plague is still enjoying its “vacation” with me much like tourists on a trip to a tropical destination. It just doesn’t want to leave.

While I actually have a voice now, I still have a cough that borders sounding like an old witch hacking and a goat wheezing. It’s also painful as fuck. Lastly, I am feeling super depressed because I haven’t been able to run or exercise. Even simple tasks like folding laundry exhausts me. I hear my husband cracking a joke right now about how I either a) never fold the laundry, or b) that when I do, it exhausts me regardless of being sick. Laugh it up is all I have to say.

Anyway, my pity party sent me to Pinterest to find new things to dream about and I couldn’t help but feel one of my friends pins was a message for me to calm the fuck down. The image below is what I saw:


And how true is that? I’ve been down and out with this cold for 10 days. I’ll admit it feels like a lifetime, but I just need to learn to be patient and let my body heal. At the end of the day, running is still going to be waiting for me when I am feeling better. I think I’m just hung up on feeling like I’m falling behind with my training, or that I’m going to suck once I start back up. Here’s to hoping that’s not the case. The sucking part that is.

If any of you have any words of wisdom to share, send them my way please! I totally need them! Until next time.

Yours swiftly,

Alex ❤️


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