Rules of training in Canadian fall weather:

1. Expect to run in 12 degrees.
2. Expect to run in -5 degrees the very next day.
3. Expect to sweat profusely on the day it’s 12 degrees.
4. Expect to be freezing while sweating when it’s -5 degrees.
5. Lastly, expect to get sick with a chest infection because of rules 1-4.

Needless to say, I’ve been out of commission since Sunday and not only am I hating the fact that I feel lazy, BUT, as the days pass, I’m also starting to fill up with doubts. Ya, I know. The last few posts have explicitly stated that I wouldn’t quit, but gosh darnit, this infection is definitely creating a negative mind, and what do they say about misery? It loves company. So not only do I feel like absolute garbage physically, but I feel like crap mentally. These two are the worst. THE WORST.

I’m tired of this infection and I’m tired of the shitty thoughts it’s creating in my mind. Go away. Nobody likes you or the germs you came from. UGH…………………

Look, even this post is shitty because of this STUPID infection. I’m cutting it short. Until next time (when I’ll definitely be in a better mood).

Yours swiftly,
Alex ❤️


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