Two weeks have passed since running my first 5k, and writing about that glorious moment here on the blog.  I know, I know, I totally promised I would never leave a long gap between posts back in September, but I’ve really enjoyed just taking a break from living and breathing running.  Yes, I still think about it all the live long day, but it’s taken a bit of a twist.  The desire and drive isn’t as urgent as it once was, and those who say having a goal within arms reach to continue training are absolutely right.  While the Seawheeze half marathon is the ultimate goal, it’s also 10 months away.  The urgency to train just isn’t there, so with that being said, I’ve officially signed up for a local 8k race in the dead of winter.  Yup, I am getting crazier because this race is in January (holy eff I’m already shivering).

I find I am thinking more about how training will work, how to fit it into my schedule, and how to make it happen given that the sun rises later and sets earlier, not to mention the cold weather that’s about to embrace us.  Regardless, I think I’ve made some pretty important steps here in making sure I see these goals to fruition.  I’ve told a lot of people about it personally, and now publicly via this post.  I’ve enlisted a friend to help me train (what seems to be brutally at this moment in time, I’ll check back in about this in a month or so), and I’ve convinced myself that it’s possible to do with what seems to be all the odds stacked against me.  Seems is the key word there.  I’m being dramatic.  There really aren’t that many odds.  I’ve also asked for a whopping amount of winter running clothes for Christmas instead of my usual items (I’m basically going to be cold until/if I end up getting any of these items).

The other nice part about taking a break is that it’s allowed me to put all of my 5k training and emotions into perspective.  I once thought (many times I may add) that I would never run 5k.  That being said, all of the training, and mental preparation taught me that anything is possible.  Even the last 500m of a race when your mind tells you that you’re dead tired and can’t do it, your body overrides that message and still delivers.  So now, as I embark on training for this 8k, and ultimately a 10k, a 15k, and a half marathon, I find myself telling myself that I can do this and that it is possible.  I can’t promise there won’t come a time where I make a post about how I’m struggling to reach this goal, or even say the words “I can’t do this” because of a bad run.  That’s the nature of the beast.  Just like life, there are good running days and bad running days, but I’ve put it in writing that deep down, I know I can do this, and I’m going to.


Yours swiftly,



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