Scared? I just ate scared and its cousin fear for breakfast because ladies and gents I didn’t just run 4.8km, I ran 5km instead. NO BIG DEAL.

I just spanked that son of a bitch like nobody’s business and I did it in 43 minutes. Take that “scared”, and run home to your momma with it (literally) because like Korean Jesus (from 21 Jump Street), “ain’t nobody got time for you, he busy, you Justin Beaver, Miley Cyrus looking mother effers!” I can hear my friend A laughing it up right now. She knows who she is. Gilly heard you, and her friend S today chanting the WHOLE damn way.

All joking and feelings of joyous wonder aside, I now know why I was scared. I was scared because this is the farthest I’ve ever run, EVER. I said it just like The Sandlot’s FOREVER, and what happens when we map uncharted territory or encounter what we don’t know? We get scared. But I am STOKED to say that I conquered this beast like Alexander the Great conquered Greece, and I am soaring on such a high that I can’t even describe it.

Many thanks to my cheerleaders S and A, and of course to all my family and friends that have supported me along the way. Fack, I’m so happy I’m giving a thank you speech like I won an Oscar, the only things that are missing are tears and the tacky music they play when you go on too long like I am now. Before I get too over the top, just know, that like all conquerors, I’ve got my eye on that 6.4 prize come Sunday. I AM READY FOR YOU.

Yours swiftly,

Alex ❤️


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