No. Not the delicious kind you eat like strawberry jam which I want to eat a spoonful of now (the homemade kind, just to clarify). I’m talking about the music here. The beats that make you go bump bump bump!

It really shouldn’t be a surprise at this point, that running, or any physical activity requires motivation, and let me be the first to say that the right songs can make you feel like a champion to the point that you pretend you’re Rocky Balboa at the end of your run. You know the kind where you just throw your hands up in the air like aaaa-oohhh! Yes? No? Come on peeps!

I actually did this the first time I ran my first km straight without stopping and it was coupled with the sounds of my voice bursting out words of encouragement only to be laughed at (in a good way) by a fisherman dude on the trail (I promise, he wasn’t fishing in concrete, there’s an inlet of water there). Anyway, my point is again, that music has this magical way of inspiring you to go harder, become better, faster, and stronger (some of you will catch my nerdy cleverness here). And for me in particular, the jam that makes me literally take off (in my mind I believe I’m flying), is Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’, “Can’t Hold Us”.

I don’t know what it is about that tune that makes me so excited to just push through the nitty gritty bits of my runs, but I am super thankful for it, because when it comes on, I turn into a RUNNING MACHINE. Or as Macklemore himself raps, “Now can I kick it? Thank you, yeah I’m so damn grateful, I grew up, really wanted gold fronts, but that’s what you get when Wu-Tang raised you! Ya’ll can’t stop me, go hard like a got an 808 in my heart beat…”

So I leave you friends with this question: what is YOUR fave jam to run to? Peace out ladies and gents!

Yours swiftly,

Alex ❤️


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