Started from the Bottom

Just like running, I have a love-hate relationship with Drake.  But gosh darnit, as I spent last night climbing a mountain (yes, in #HamOnt, we have a mountain), I couldn’t help but rap those genius  lyrics of his in my head, “started from the bottom now we here.”  Just for everyone’s clarification, I climbed a set of stairs that take you up said mountain, and I decided to do this for cross-training purposes.

Anyway………………I don’t think those lyrics could have been anymore true for my friend and I, as we LITERALLY started at the bottom and made it to the proverbial “here” which was the top.  The picture collage to the right documents the various stages of climbing the stairs because let’s face it, climbing stairs is a whole other ball game than running.  For instance, mentally, I don’t experience the same nervousness I do before running.  I just chalk them up to stairs.  I have to use them at least 4 times a day.  However, 2 flights in and I am gasping for air like I’ve forgotten how to swim and am drowning.  This still doesn’t make sense to me – girl can run 35 minutes straight while carrying a conversation, but 2 flights of stairs leave her feeling like she’s going to have a coronary.  Because of this ridiculous “out of shape” feeling, I had to stop about 3 times before I got to “here”.

I’ll give the stairs some credit though.  Once you get to the top, and aside from feeling good that you made it to the top, you can actually PHYSICALLY see with your own eyes what you’ve climbed as you look down.  This leaves you with a very concrete sense of accomplishment.  With running, you obviously still feel a great sense of pride when you’re finished, but it’s not exactly like you can actually see 5km as you look back (unless you’ve run in a straight line and you are the Superman of judging distances).

With all of this being said, I REALLY hope that this cross-training gig helps strengthen my legs to get me to that 7:00/km goal I am anxiously dreaming about.  Until next time ladies and gents.

Yours swiftly,



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