So I took a bit of a hiatus from writing.  How nice of me.  To start a blog and then just NOT write…for a month.

That being said, life sort of happened, and well, trying to find the time to write took a back seat.  I’m happy to state for the record that despite my lack of effort to write, there was no lack of effort in terms of me sticking to my training schedule.  The month of September saw me reach three milestones in terms of running.

Milestone #1:  On September 6th, this girl ran just shy of 4km straight without stopping after a 3 week hiatus of not running in August.  That deserves a pat on the back for sure.

Milestone #2:  Despite a super busy work schedule that had me working multiple weekends – one at a camp in the middle of nowhere – I managed to wake up at 5:30am and hit the road with one of my running buddies.  This was a huge feat for multiple reasons a) I am NOT a morning person (I relish the days I get to sleep in past 9am) and b) I managed to run my biggest elevation to date.  Bloody hills.  Brilliant to go down, not so fun to go up.  It was also such an amazing run because the road was lit by the moonlight and it was in the middle of farm country.  I desperately tried to resist the urge to think that walkers were going to come out of the fields because there was a farmhouse that looked EXACTLY like Hershel’s from season two of The Walking Dead, but I’m happy to report, no walkers were sighted, and that the fear of walkers also forced me to run a leeeetle faster.  This is where everyone realizes I REALLY am nerdy.

Milestone #3:  This actually happened yesterday.  I thought it would be a good idea to set a time goal for my upcoming race in 3 weeks (insert “holy shit face” here).  The goal is 35 minutes, which means I have to run a 7:00 minute km consistently.  Well I am happy to announce the birth of my beautiful 8:23 minute km who arrived safely on Monday September 30th, 2013 at 7:01pm.  I totally shaved off over a minute of time from my previous run, AND, I managed to hold my pace at about 9:06/km for the remaining 3km of my run.  Which means, I did 4k at around 35 minutes, which means 5k in 35 minutes in 3 weeks is POSSIBLE.  That last sentence takes me back to an old Adidas campaign slogan “Impossible is NOTHING.”  You’re damn right it is.

Feeling accomplished, determined, and ready to OWN this race.


Yours swiftly,




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